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Our AI-powered nutrition app

Maximize your athletic potential with our AI-powered nutrition app for elite and semi-elite athletes. Tailored meal plans, nutrient timing, and performance recipes optimize your performance. Join the elite ranks today and elevate your game!

Sports-specific meal database

Get access to a wide range of meals designed to support performance. Our database is filled with diverse, delicious, and energy-efficient meal options that cater to all types of athletes and dietary needs.

Meal database

Live view of energy levels

Our Live-View feature provides real-time insight into your nutritional status. Track your energy expenditure and macronutrient intake throughout the day with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. With this feature, you can instantly see how your daily intake aligns with your nutritional goals and make adjustments on the go to ensure you're always on the right track.

Online nutrition coaching software

Optimal performance tailored to daily needs

Our platform allows easy editing and customization of predefined training schedules, ensuring you get the right nutrition at the right times. Regardless of the type of training, its intensity, or duration, you can be confident that your meal plan is fully synchronized with your activities.

Personalized sports nutrition

Multiple options for intake tracking and meal planning

CarboPlanner gives you the freedom to report your meal intake, both in a simple and advanced manner. So whether you're detail-oriented and want to weigh your meals, or you prefer a quick and easy reporting, we've got you covered.

Multiple methods for tracking intake

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